Dr. Michael Sheadel

If you're seeking exceptional piano lessons in Ardmore, PA, look no further than Dr. Michael Sheadel. With degrees from renowned institutions like the Eastman School of Music, Peabody Conservatory, and a Doctorate in Piano from Temple University, Dr. Sheadel brings over 30 years of teaching experience to his students.

At Main Line Conservatory of Music, Dr. Sheadel provides a comprehensive and enriching learning environment for students of all levels. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pianist, Dr. Sheadel's expertise and passion for teaching will guide you towards unlocking your musical potential.

Dr. Sheadel's educational background and extensive training equip him with the necessary skills to deliver high-quality instruction. With a focus on technique, musicality, and interpretation, he helps students develop a solid foundation and express themselves artistically through the piano.

As a dedicated piano teacher, Dr. Sheadel believes in the importance of student recitals. These events provide valuable performance opportunities, allowing students to showcase their progress and gain confidence in their abilities. It's an inspiring and rewarding experience that celebrates the achievements of Dr. Sheadel's students.

Contacting Dr. Sheadel is easy. You can reach him via email at sheadelpf@gmail.com. He welcomes inquiries, questions, and discussions about lesson availability. Additionally, you can visit his website at https://www.congjipianist.com/ to learn more about his teaching approach, background, and the services he offers.

Discover the artistry of piano playing with Dr. Michael Sheadel at Main Line Conservatory of Music. With his extensive experience, commitment to excellence, and personalized instruction, Dr. Sheadel will guide you on a transformative musical journey. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a highly accomplished piano teacher. Contact Dr. Sheadel today and embark on your musical adventure.


Phone: 610-642-8565

Location: Main Line Conservatory of Music, Ardmore, PA

Methods: School

Teaching Level(s): Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Student Age(s): Children

Bio: I have degrees in piano from the Eastman School of Music and Peabody Conservatory, and the Doctorate in Piano from Temple University. I have over 30 years teaching experience.

Student Recitals: Yes

Contact Methods: Email

E-mail: sheadelpf@gmail.com

Website: https://www.congjipianist.com/