Kat Bowman

If you're looking to embark on a musical journey and discover the joy of playing the piano, meet Kat Bowman, a dedicated and talented piano teacher based in King of Prussia. With her expertise as a collaborative pianist, vocal coach, and organist, Kat brings a wealth of musical knowledge and experience to her teaching.

As the director and coordinator of the renowned Cunningham Music School in King of Prussia, Kat teaches a diverse roster of students, ranging from children to adults. Her passion for music and commitment to nurturing students of all ages create a supportive and inspiring learning environment.

With Kat's guidance, you can embark on your piano learning adventure, regardless of your skill level. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, Kat's teaching methods adapt to cater to your unique needs and goals. She believes in fostering a solid foundation in technique and musicality while encouraging self-expression and creativity.

Beyond her role as a piano teacher, Kat remains an active performer, accompanying private voice studios and choral programs around the Main Line. Her experience as a collaborative pianist enriches her teaching, offering students insights into ensemble playing and musical collaboration.

At Cunningham Music School, students have the opportunity to participate in student recitals. These recitals provide a platform for students to showcase their progress, gain confidence, and experience the joy of performing in front of a supportive audience. It's a valuable experience that enhances their musical growth and celebrates their achievements.

Getting in touch with Kat is easy. You can contact her via email at katbowman13@gmail.com. For more information about Cunningham Music School and its offerings, visit the website at https://www.cunninghampiano.com/pages/school.

Embark on a transformative musical journey with Kat Bowman and unlock your full potential as a pianist. Whether you're a child or an adult, a beginner or an advanced learner, Kat's passion and expertise will guide you towards achieving your musical goals. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a dedicated piano teacher and experience the joy of music. Contact Kat today and let your musical adventure begin.


Phone: 6105477179

Location: Cunningham Music School, King of Prussia

Methods: School

Teaching Level(s): Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Student Age(s): Children, Adults

Bio: Kat Bowman is a collaborative pianist, vocal coach, and organist based in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She is the director and coordinator of the Cunningham Music School in King of Prussia where she teaches a roster of students of all ages. She is an active performer, accompanying a number of private voice studios and choral programs around the Main Line.

Student Recitals: Yes

Contact Methods: Email

Email: katbowman13@gmail.com