Negar Ghasemi

Learning to play the piano can be a transformative experience, offering both a creative outlet and a discipline that fosters personal growth. For those in the King of Prussia area, Negar Ghasemi stands out as a talented and dedicated piano teacher.

A Glimpse into Her Musical Journey

Born in Iran, Negar Ghasemi's life has been intertwined with music since her early years. Initiated into the world of music at the tender age of four at her mother's music school, her talent became evident. By eight, her journey had taken her to festivals in countries such as Syria, Slovakia, and Hungary, where she immersed herself in masterclasses.

Her passion didn't halt with her move to the United States. She pursued her education in music, also exploring the clarinet at FLC school in Philadelphia. Opportunities like being featured in the Cunningham Piano Show by Hugh Sung only broadened her horizons. Not just a performer, she's also been a keen student, having taken piano lessons with notable figures like Kayoko Segawa, Emiko Edwards, Meng Hao, and Sean Bailey.

Negar's passion didn't just stop at playing. After joining the Boyer College in 2019, she delved deeper into piano performance and pedagogy, guided by the esteemed Sara Davis Buechner. It's no surprise that with such profound experiences, she founded Pianozi, a global pedagogy team offering piano lessons, especially catering to Iranians worldwide.

What Makes Negar Ghasemi Unique?

Negar is not just about teaching; she's about revolutionizing. As the director and teacher of Pianozi, she aims to bring a fresh perspective to the piano teaching system within Iran, aligning it with global standards. But her talents are multifaceted – she's an ardent composer, eager to share her innovative ideas with the world.

Why Choose Negar for Piano Lessons?

  • Versatility: Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, Negar has the skills to guide you. Her methods, perfected over years and refined at institutions like Temple University, ensure a structured yet flexible learning experience.

  • For All Ages: Negar's teaching isn't limited by age. Both children and adults can benefit from her piano lessons, making it a family-friendly option for those looking to explore music together.

  • Recitals: To offer her students a platform to showcase their progress and build confidence, Negar organizes student recitals. It's an opportunity to experience the joy of performance.

  • Accessible Contact: For those interested in her piano lessons, Negar is easily reachable via phone at 215-991-0847 or email at


Music has the power to bridge gaps, and with teachers like Negar Ghasemi, it also has the potential to inspire. If you're in the King of Prussia area and looking for comprehensive, globally-aligned piano lessons, Negar Ghasemi is a choice you won't regret.


Phone: 215-991-0847

Location: King of Prussia

Methods: School

Teaching Level(s): Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Student Age(s): Children, Adults

Bio: Born in Iran, Negar Ghasemi is an undergraduate student, studying piano performance at Temple University. She began her studies in piano at the age of four in her mother’s music school. By the age of 8, she began to attend festivals overseas, including Syria, Slovakia, and Hungary where she took advantage of the masterclasses. She then entered a music high school in Karaj. Followed by her immigration to the United States, she continued her education as a music major and clarinet player at FLC school in Philadelphia. During that time, she was invited by Hugh Sung to be featured in an episode for the Cunningham Piano Show. She furthered her studies in music by taking music lessons with teachers including Kayoko Segawa, Emiko Edwards, Meng Hao, and Sean Bailey. In addition, she had the opportunity to play as a member in the Philadelphia All-City concert band and PMEA District 12 concert band, under the instruction of musicians such as Deborah Confredo and Joseph Conyers, while taking advantage of performances with musicians such as Yannick Nézet-Séguin and Don Liuzzi. After entering Boyer College in 2019, under the instruction of Sara Davis Buechner as her primary piano professor, she began to further her experience in piano performance and piano pedagogy. Followed by her experience, she founded Pianozi, a piano pedagogy team providing lessons for Iranians around the world. She serves as a director and teacher for the team, with the hope to bring a new mindset into the piano teaching system within Iran and to offer piano lessons using a structure that follows the global standards. She is also very passionate about composing, the field in which she wants to expand her experience to share her ideas.

Student Recitals: Yes

Contact Methods: Phone, Email