Peter J. Sion

For any institution, the strength and talent of its educators play a pivotal role in its reputation. Cunningham Music School is renowned for its exceptional piano lessons, and one of the luminaries in its faculty is the multifaceted music maestro, Peter J. Sion.

A Stellar Educational Background

Peter's impressive qualifications speak volumes about his dedication to the world of music. Holding a Liberal Arts Degree with a Concentration in Music Performance from Philadelphia Community College and a B.S. in Music Education (Instrumental) from West Chester University, he has laid a robust foundation for his teaching career.

Furthermore, his Instructional II Certification in Music Grades K-12 from the State of Pennsylvania and his M.A. in Education from Holy Family College underscore his commitment to educational excellence. His certification as an Orff Music Teacher for Levels I, II, and III is the cherry on top, adding another dimension to his vast teaching capabilities.

The Drum Circle Maestro and Composer

Beyond his rich academic background, Peter's hands-on experience in the world of music is equally captivating. He's not just about piano lessons. Having taught and directed a drum circle class and performance for the Consortium of the Arts Summer Program in Upper Merion, he has demonstrated his prowess as a percussionist. Furthermore, his commission to pen music compositions for the "Breezin Down Broadway" performance at the Point Breeze Performing Art Center in Philadelphia showcases his talent as a composer.

Two Decades of Dedication to Norristown Area School

From the fall of 1993 to June 2021, Peter enriched the lives of countless students as he taught General/Choral Music for the Norristown Area School District Grades K-5. Beyond group settings, he's also a sought-after private instructor, offering lessons in both the piano and drum set.

A Performer at Heart

Peter's gift isn't confined to the classroom. He's an active performer, showcasing his skills on various platforms. He's graced stages accompanying the Pennsylvania Music Educators District 11 Choral Festival choir on drum set and has left audiences in awe with jazz piano, vocals, and drum set solos. Fans of the Norristown Area School District Annual Faculty Recitals would recognize him for his outstanding performances on the drum set.

For those who frequent the Philadelphia Art Museum on Friday nights, Peter's jazz piano with a Jazz Quartet is a familiar and heartwarming sound. And if you've ever attended the Art Festival in Manayunk, you might've swayed to the tunes he produced on the keyboards.

The Present and Future: An Active Jazz Performer

Today, Peter continues to be a beacon in the world of jazz, dazzling audiences with his performances on the drums, keyboard, and vocals. His versatility, combined with years of experience, makes him a treasure both on stage and in the classroom.


Peter J. Sion's association with Cunningham Music School solidifies its position as a top choice for those seeking piano lessons and more. With educators like Peter, students at Cunningham are not just learning; they're experiencing music in its richest form, guided by a maestro who has lived and breathed it for decades.