Ryan Peteraf

Exploring piano lessons in King of Prussia, or perhaps diving deeper into the world of choral music? Meet Ryan Peteraf - a maestro in the realms of choral-orchestral conducting, organ, piano, and voice.

Ryan Peteraf: A Symphony of Talents

The realm of music is vast and intricate, and very few manage to excel in multiple facets of it. Ryan Peteraf stands out as one of those exceptional talents. Currently heralding musical magic as the Music Director and Organist at St. Michael Lutheran Church, Ryan is swiftly becoming a recognizable voice in the choral universe.

Distinguished Educational Background

Ryan's passion and proficiency stem from a solid educational foundation. With a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance and a minor in music education from the University of the Arts, he furthered his expertise with a Master of Sacred Music in Choral Conducting from the University of Notre Dame.

During his time at the University of the Arts, Ryan passionately involved himself with community choirs. Whether it was serving as an assistant conductor for renowned choirs or taking the role of a guest conductor for notable productions, Ryan showcased his versatility and dedication to the world of choral music.

His time at Notre Dame was marked by tutelage under eminent personalities like Carmen-Helena Téllez and participating in masterclasses with industry stalwarts such as Joseph Flummerfelt and Donald Nally. Such enriching experiences only amplified his prowess and gave him a broader perspective on the art of conducting and performance. 

A Legacy of Achievements

While many have accolades, Ryan's achievements resonate with passion and dedication. Among his proudest moments are preparing choirs that shared the stage with legends like Patti LuPone and Philip Glass. His skill was further recognized when he received the prestigious Conducting Award at his graduation from the Sacred Music Department at Notre Dame. 

Why Choose Ryan Peteraf for Music Lessons?

  • Multi-faceted Expertise: Whether you're looking for piano lessons, voice coaching, or a deep dive into organ music and theory, Ryan’s expansive skill set covers it all.
  • Adaptable Teaching: Catering to students of all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and both children and adults, Ryan’s lessons are tailored to the individual's needs.
  • Rich Experience: Leveraging his vast experience with choirs and orchestral groups, Ryan ensures that his students receive not just theoretical knowledge but also practical insights.
  • Convenient Contact: Dive into the world of music with Ryan by reaching out either through phone at 215-991-0847 or via email at lessons@cunninghampiano.com.

In Conclusion

For those situated in King of Prussia or the surrounding areas and have a thirst for musical knowledge, Ryan Peteraf emerges as the go-to expert. Whether it’s diving into piano lessons, exploring voice techniques, or delving deeper into the realms of organ and theory, Ryan's unparalleled expertise ensures that every lesson is a step closer to musical mastery.


Phone: 215-991-0847

Location: King of Prussia

Methods: School

Teaching Level(s): Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Student Age(s): Children, Adults

Bio: Ryan Peteraf is a choral-orchestral conductor, organist, pianist, and an upcoming voice in the choral world. Currently, Ryan is the Music Director and Organist at St. Michael Lutheran Church in the Kennett Square Area of Pennsylvania. He oversees an active musical congregation that includes two adult choirs, a youth choir, and an adult handbell ensemble. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance with a minor in music education from the University of the Arts, and a Master of Sacred Music in Choral Conducting from the University of Notre Dame. At the University of the Arts, Ryan became very involved with community choirs. He served as an assistant conductor for the MasterWorks Chorale of Springfield, PA, and the Philadelphia Voices of Pride. He was also brought in as a guest conductor for a production of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. During his studies he served as the assistant conductor to the University’s Chorus, Opera/Oratorio Ensemble, and Musical Theater Ensemble. At Notre Dame, he studied with Carmen-Helena Téllez, and took masterclasses with Joseph Flummerfelt, Jerry Blackstone, Donald Nally, Patrick Quigley, and Alastair Willis. His proudest achievements have been preparing a choir that sang onstage to a sold out crowd with Patti LuPone, and a choir that sang for Philip Glass. He also was a co-director of the Notre Dame Children’s Choir. He received the Conducting Award at graduation from the Sacred Music Department at Notre Dame.

Email: lessons@cunninghampiano.com

Website: https://www.cunninghampiano.com/pages/ryan-peteraf-voice-piano-organ-and-music-theory-instructor-cunningham-music-school