Wanli Yu

If you're looking for a passionate and experienced piano teacher in Cherry Hill, your search ends here! Introducing Wanli Yu, an accomplished pianist and educator with an impressive background in piano studies spanning multiple continents. With over 15 years of teaching experience in several countries, Wanli brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her students.

Wanli's musical journey has taken her from China to Europe and now to the United States, where she resides with her family. Currently pursuing a Piano Performance Masters Degree at Rowan University under the guidance of Veda Zuponcic, Wanli is committed to providing her students with a high level of piano education and performance training.

As a dedicated piano teacher, Wanli welcomes students at the beginner and intermediate levels, particularly children who are eager to explore the world of piano. She understands the importance of establishing a strong foundation in the early stages of learning and works closely with her students to develop proper technique, musicality, and a love for music that will last a lifetime.

Wanli believes in the power of performance to inspire and motivate her students. She organizes student recitals, providing a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their progress and gain confidence in their abilities. Additionally, she encourages participation in piano competitions, offering students the chance to challenge themselves and grow as musicians.

Getting in touch with Wanli is easy. You can reach her directly at (609) 746-8319 or via email at ioannayu69@gmail.com. Whether you have questions, want to discuss lesson availability, or need further information, Wanli is ready to assist you on your musical journey.

Unlock your musical potential and embark on a fulfilling piano journey with Wanli Yu. With her dedication, experience, and passion for teaching, Wanli will guide and inspire you to achieve your goals in piano education and performance. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a skilled and nurturing piano teacher. Contact Wanli today and take the first step towards unlocking your full musical potential.


Phone: (609) 746-8319

Location: Cherry Hill

Methods: Home Studio

Teaching Level(s): Beginner, Intermediate

Student Age(s): Children

Bio: Wanli Yu is a piano teacher with studies in China, Europe and the US, with more than 15 years working experience in several countries, recently residing in the USA with her family. She is completing a Piano Performance Masters Degree at Rowan University with Veda Zuponcic. Mrs Yu is accepting students and parents willing to achieve a high level of piano education and performance and to participate in recitals and competitions.

Student Recitals: Yes

Contact Methods: Phone, Email

Email: ioannayu69@gmail.com