Zyra Maria Gonzalez

Zyra Maria Gonzalez Monterrey, born and bred in Havana, Cuba, has a storied career that spans continents and various musical disciplines. A proud alumnus of the revered Havana University of the Arts, Zyra possesses a Bachelor's Degree in both Piano Performance and Music History. Her initial foray into teaching piano commenced at the Cuban Conservatory, and her versatile talent made her a sought-after accompanist for the Cuban Opera Company for over seven seasons.

An Odyssey Through South America

In 1994, Zyra's journey took her to Venezuela, where she graced the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas as a pianist for ballet performances. But 1997 marked a pivotal chapter in her career when she joined the ranks of the esteemed nonprofit, Venezuela Orchestra System for the Children and the Youth, fondly known as “El Sistema Venezuela”. As the artistic music director and the orchestra conductor of the Raimundo Pereira Children and Youth Orchestra in Guárico State, Zyra held the reins for an impressive 20 years.

A Maestro of Many Facets

Apart from her accomplishments in the orchestra, Zyra's entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish a cultural association. This institution boasted the School of Music, Children's Choirs, Youth Choirs, and various instrumental groups, some of which garnered recognition in Cuba and Germany. Under her astute leadership, the Choir Polyphonic Raimundo Pereira clinched several accolades in International Choir competitions.

Her musical expertise knows no bounds. As an artistic director and conductor, she has left her mark in countries including Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, and Italy for over a decade.

The Researcher Behind the Music

Zyra isn't just about performance; she is deeply passionate about music research. As an associate member of the Center for Research and Development of Cuban Music (CIDMUC), she delved into the world of traditional popular music in Venezuela. This scholarly pursuit led to the publication of her papers in esteemed magazines in Cuba and Venezuela.

The Current Symphony: Pennsylvania and Beyond

In Pennsylvania, Zyra has been weaving magic both as an accompanist for choirs and string instruments and as a soloist. Furthermore, she's part of the renowned ZyMa chamber duo, captivating audiences with every performance.

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