Hot Jazz with Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society

Back in 2018, we were producing “The Cunningham Piano Show”, which featured performances and interviews with local musicians. One of our “lost” episodes featured the remarkable Drew Nugent and members of his Midnight Society band, performing “hot” jazz works from the early part of the 20th century. Drew brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm to his performances as a multi-instrumentalist and singer, displaying incredible versatility on the trumpet, tea kettle (yes, he actually performs on a tea kettle!), and of course his favorite piano, the 7’ Cunningham Semi-Concert Grand. Drew is joined by Greg Wright on the arch top guitar and banjo, as well as Gary Cattley on the sousaphone. Episode playlist: “Chances Are” - Jack T. Garden and Fats Waller “I Found A New Baby” - Jack Palmer “Me And My Shadow” - Walter Donaldson Bio Drew Nugent is a jazz musician and composer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His primary instruments are piano, trumpet, voice, and believe it or not, the tea kettle! Nugent and the band specialize in playing in the traditional "hot" jazz style of the 1920s. His band, known as the Midnight Society, is regarded as one of the best in the business, and has been together over 10 years. Under Drew's leadership, they bring forth an authentic, yet original approach to an art form over 100 years old. Nugent's inspiration comes from a who's who list of great performers, composers, and musicians, both obscure and known going back a full century. Although a lot of this music may seem forgotten in many circles, it is alive and well with Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society Drew’s website:

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