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Ward Guthrie, RPT, instructs a group of ambitious young technicians.

The Randy Potter School of Piano Technology is  a respected program that helps to train beginning piano technicians and those who wish to advance their skills by offering a home study course – but also week long intensive “hands on” seminars where technicians can gain lots of knowledge in a short time.

We are very pleased to host the school right here in Philadelphia this week. Randy Potter commented, “The additional resources that Cunningham Piano can provide have been a real asset in improving the possibilities for our students.”

A group of technicians practice rebushing action parts.

Randy Potter (far left) oversees key repairs.

Sam Crosser, a student from Osage, Iowa, also commented, “Are you kidding? Being at a facility like Cunningham Piano Company, among all these beautiful instruments and experts is simply awe inspiring. I am so happy to be here!”

We are also so happy to be a resource to help educate the next generation of technicians.

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