Yamaha’s Flagship CLP Clavinova: The CLP-695GP

Are you looking for the elegant beauty of a grand piano in a compact space and don’t want to compromise on the sound, touch, and responsiveness of a grand piano keyboard action? If so, then the Yamaha CLP-695GP Clavinova is the perfect instrument for you. 

At under four feet deep, the CLP-695GP is a premium digital piano that never needs to be tuned, and boasts a 300W hi-fi sound system with speaker cones that use the same spruce wood found on the soundboard of Yamaha’s CFX Concert Grand Piano! Samples of the Yamaha CFX 9’ concert grand and Bösendorfer Imperial 9’6” grand pianos sound incredible through these speakers. 

Yamaha’s GrandTouch technology offers a graded action with the longest wooden keys found on digital pianos, providing exceptional keyboard leverage and responsiveness for the full range of expressive touch and rapid repetition. This paired with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops allow for a touch and feel that is unbelievably close to playing on an acoustic Grand Piano. 

The sound of an acoustic grand piano resonates throughout the entire body of the instrument. This produces a rich and resonant sound that envelops the listener. Yamaha skillfully recreates these sensations through Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM). VRM is a sound recreation process that goes far beyond just sampling the sounds of hammers hitting strings. Yamaha samples blends of string resonance, damper resonance and smooth release. In addition, real time sound modeling calculates the various states of the strings for each note from one instant to the next. When you play this piano, you feel the sensation of the entire instrument vibrating and providing the acoustic reactions to all other parts of the piano, from strings to frame, rim and aliquot, etc. No other digital piano provides this level of immersive acoustic sensation in such a beautiful design. 

For additional information, see the instrument specifications below.

Overview of Specifications:

Dimensions and Finish:
The CLP-695GP stands at 36-11/16” high, is 48-11/16” deep and 56-5/15” deep. It weighs 280 lbs. The beautiful grand piano cabinet comes in either polished ebony or polished white finishes.

The keyboard consists of 88 keys. The hammer action is linear and graded. This means that the touch is “heavier” towards the bass notes and “lighter” towards the treble notes.

In addition to the three pedals that you would find on a grand piano (Sustain, Soft aka Una Corda, Sostenuto), the following effects can be assigned to the pedals:

  • Pitch Bend up and down
  • Rotary Speed
  • Vibe Roter
  • Song Play/Pause
  • Half Pedal

Are you a jazz player looking to add a walking bass line to your blues progression? Simply split the keyboard with any of the CLP-695GP’s 49 built-in voices!
Are you a composer interested in adding a choir or orchestra to your arrangement? Layer either sound with piano, or any other voice!

Control the screen with the built-in Full Dot LCD display, or connect Yamaha’s SmartPianist Application through a Wireless LAN adapter or USB.

Standard recording practices include controlling the room with various effects. The CLP-695GP has the following built-in effects:

  • Six reverb effects
  • Three chorus effects
  • Seven brilliance effects
  • Eleven master effects

In addition, the CLP-695GP has Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC). IAC allows the instrument to automatically adjust and control sound quality based on the overall volume of the instrument. Put simply, you’ll find that the CLP-695 has a clear, balanced sound at all volume levels.

The CLP-695GP has 21 voice-demo songs and 303 lesson songs built in. A hard copy of the 50 Classics songbook is included with all Clavinova purchases. You can also find all 50 songs built into the CLP-695GP. If you combine all of this with the Smart Pianist Application, creative possibilities are limitless!
Speaking of creative possibilities, the CLP-695GP has 49 voices, 14 built-in drum and special effect kits and 480 extended general MIDI voices!
The CLP-695GP has MIDI and audio recording capabilities. The midi recorder features 16 tracks built into the instrument!
For the recording pros and enthusiasts out there, the CLP-695GP has midi in-out-thru capabilities. Connect the instrument with your computer or other device, to create professional quality recordings!


If you’re looking for the aesthetic beauty of a grand piano combined with the Yamaha’s advanced technology, then the CLP-695GP is the instrument for you! Call us at 215-991-0850 for more information!

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