Kiss The Rain by Yiruma with Jasmine Choi

"Kiss The Rain" Performed by Jasmine Choi, Flutist

Jasmine Choi is a superstar in the flute world, with several albums and world tours under her belt. Jasmine recently visited our piano restoration factory in Germantown to shoot a music video, playing "Kiss The Rain" by Yiruma, arranged for flute and piano by our very own Hugh Sung. We hope you enjoy this performance!

Download the Sheet Music

Production Notes

A Yamaha CFX concert grand piano is featured in this video, but the actual audio recording was done with split tracks - Jasmine on an audio microphone, and the sound of the CFX recorded using a Yamaha NU1X hybrid upright piano. This recording format also allows us to produce both a standard audio version and a Disklavier version of the video, where the video is synced to an acoustic piano playing the exact notes, and the sound of the flute comes through speakers under the piano soundboard. To emphasize the "water mood", we installed a curtain of blue LED lights, hanging off of the ceiling rafters. After the audio was recorded, we were able to play back the sound of the piano part through the NU1X speakers to serve as our "click track". Video was shot with a Canon EOS 60D DSLR at 60 fps to allow for slight variations in visual performance speed to match the audio performance.

Kiss the Rain with Jasmine Choi

LED lights

Hugh hanging LED lights

blue LED light

Jasmine and Hugh

Video production space

Hugh acting videographer

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