NU1X Hybrid Upright Piano - Ebony Polish

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Color: Ebony Polish
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The NU1X a hybrid upright piano that blends the best of acoustic and digital worlds. The keyboard action is identical to those found in the best Yamaha acoustic upright pianos, with real wooden action parts and vertical hammers that are thrown from the keys when pressed. The sounds are digital, producing the sampled sounds of Yamaha's flagship CFX concert grand and the Bösendorfer Imperial grand - that means, you never need to tune the piano, as there are no physical strings, and it will always be perfectly in tune. The combination of the physical action with the digital sound is incredible - you get the true touch and tone of a premium upright piano in an instrument half the cost of an acoustic one, with absolutely no compromise in quality. Many music conservatories and professional pianists around the world use the NU1X Hybrid Upright Piano as a teaching, practice and performance instrument with its powerful quad speaker sound system that outputs right under the entire length of the lid, or as a silent practice instrument with the incredible 3D binaural headphone capabilities.

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