Education is an essential part of what we do at Cunningham Piano Company. We have been invited to local colleges, universities, and music schools to offer seminars on the art, science, and evolution of the acoustic piano, as in programs like this one. Students are always welcome to spend time in our facilities to learn more about the history, development, and performance of the acoustic piano. Music Majors from Chestnut Hill College recently spent the afternoon with us doing just that. Sr. Kathleen Duffy, who teaches a course at Chestnut Hill College called "The Science of Music" commented: "I highly recommend a visit to Cunningham Piano Company for any college level pianist, or for that matter, any serious musician. In fact, I learn something new with every visit. I have been so pleased to take advantage of the opportunities that Cunningham Piano Company provides our students. The staff is passionate, knowledgeable, and very willing to share. Our students have benefited from the experience of spending an afternoon at their facility, which is the only one of its kind in our area."