Petrof Pianos: Europe’s Best-Kept Musical Secret

The vast universe of pianos holds brands both world-renowned and less-known but equally exquisite. Among the latter, Petrof pianos stand out. Straight from the heart of Europe, these pianos are a blend of history, craftsmanship, and innovation. For those unaware of Petrof's rich heritage, prepare to be introduced to Europe's largest and perhaps most enchanting piano manufacturer.

A Legacy Spanning Generations

Petrof Family

From Left to Right: Antonín Petrof, Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová (Susan Petrof), Anna Prousková

Petrof, founded in 1864 by Antonín Petrof, boasts a lineage that transcends time. It's not just a brand; it's a family legacy. Today, the company is helmed by its 5th generation president, Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová (more familiarly known as Susan Petrof), and 6th generation family member, CEO Anna Prousková. This generational handover bears testament to the family's undying passion for piano craftsmanship.

The Unmistakable Petrof Sound

Distinctive and rich, the Petrof sound is a result of meticulous design and the high-quality European materials used in its construction. Every Petrof piano speaks of the brand's dedication to quality—given that they source all their parts from Europe and proudly manufacture 80% of these parts themselves.

This deep involvement in every step of the production process ensures that each piano resonates with the signature Petrof tone: warm, rounded, and absolutely enchanting. 

Petrof's European Excellence

An important and often overlooked fact is that Petrof is the largest piano manufacturer in Europe. This is no small feat and speaks volumes about their dedication to quality and sound excellence. Their commitment to European craftsmanship extends beyond just manufacturing; every part of a Petrof piano is sourced from Europe, ensuring that every key and string echoes the continent's rich musical history.

Experience Petrof with Cunningham Piano Company

For those on the East Coast yearning to experience Petrof's magic, the Cunningham Piano Company is your destination. As the exclusive Petrof dealer for the East Coast, they offer a handpicked selection of these European masterpieces. Established in 1891, Cunningham Piano Company, with its own deep-rooted history, makes the partnership with Petrof truly harmonious.

Their team of experts ensures that you not only find a piano but a Petrof that resonates with your musical soul. 


Petrof pianos are more than just instruments; they're stories, legacies, and pieces of art. Representing Europe's musical heart, these pianos tell tales of a family's passion, dedication to craftsmanship, and the continent's rich musical tradition. Visit the Cunningham Piano Company and let the melodies of Petrof sweep you off your feet.