Bösendorfer Disklavier

A beautiful meeting of art and technology....

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Bösendorfer and the Enspire Disklavier Pro In today's world, the acoustic piano has been elevated to new hei...

Welcome Back to Bösendorfer!

Rich Galassini
Sabine Grubmüller has been the Managing Director of Bösendorfer since 2015. She has never seen in her lifeti...
Siena Roman Catholic Church

An exciting new organ by Fratelli Ruffatti right here in our region!

Rich Galassini
Cunningham Piano Company of Philadelphia and Fratelli Ruffatti of Padova, Italy are delighted to announce a new organ project for St. Katharine of Siena Roman Catholic Church in Wayne, Pennsylvania.
Piano Voicing

Piano Voicing: Can You Hear The Difference?

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Piano voicing is the process of adjusting the density of the felts covering the hammers striking the string to produce a warmer or brighter tone.
9 inch Concert Grand Piano

The Cunningham Concert Grand Piano

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The Matchless Cunningham Concert Grand Piano is the result of over 120 years of manufacturing, rebuilding, and restoration experience.
King of Prussia

An Afternoon in Vienna

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On Sunday, April 30 at 3 pm, join us for an unforgettable Afternoon in Vienna. Experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of Vienna, the world capital of classical music and the birthplace of the Bösendorfer piano.