Hugh Sung with the Yamaha YUS5 52" Upright Piano

In the realm of acoustic pianos, the Yamaha YUS5 stands tall, both figuratively and literally. As described by Hugh Sun in an enlightening presentation for Cunningham Piano, this 52-inch upright piano is a testament to Yamaha's dedication to quality, innovation, and musical excellence. This blog aims to delve into the features that make the YUS5 a remarkable instrument, one that bridges the gap between the grandeur of grand pianos and the practicality of uprights.

Uncompromised Quality and Functionality

Traditionally, upright pianos have been viewed as a compromise for those lacking the space for a grand piano. However, the Yamaha YUS5 shatters this notion, offering the dynamic range, tonal coloration, and touch of a grand piano without the spatial requirements. At 52 inches tall, its strings and soundboard area match the square inch space of a seven-foot grand piano, allowing for a resonant and powerful sound that rivals its grand counterparts.

Premium Materials for a Superior Sound

Yamaha's commitment to quality is evident in the YUS5's construction. The piano features German-made strings and hammer felts, ensuring that each note played is imbued with clarity and depth. This choice of high-grade materials contributes to the instrument's ability to replicate the grand piano experience in an upright form factor.

Revolutionary Pedal Functionality

The YUS5 boasts three pedals, much like a grand piano, but with functionality that sets it apart from other uprights. The sustain pedal operates as expected, holding notes for as long as it is depressed. The soft pedal, instead of shifting keys, brings hammers closer to the strings for a softer sound. Most notably, the middle pedal acts as a sostenuto pedal, a feature often reserved for grand pianos. This pedal allows for selective sustain of notes, offering nuanced control over the instrument's sound.

Practice Without Compromise

Understanding the need for silent practice, especially in shared spaces, Yamaha innovatively incorporated a practice mute into the YUS5, controlled by a hand switch. This feature enables musicians to practice discreetly without sacrificing the quality of their playing experience.

The Yamaha YUS5 at Cunningham Piano

Cunningham Piano proudly offers the Yamaha YUS5, recognizing it as a pinnacle of upright piano design. With a 10-year manufacturer warranty and free delivery for customers in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware region, acquiring this instrument is not only an investment in quality but also in peace of mind. The YUS5 is ideal for those transitioning from a grand to an upright, desiring no compromise in their playing experience, or for anyone seeking the grand piano sound in a more compact form.


The Yamaha YUS5 represents a significant achievement in piano design, offering unparalleled sound quality, innovative features, and practical benefits for musicians of all levels. As Hugh Sung beautifully demonstrated through his Chopin performance, this instrument is capable of delivering not just the notes, but the emotional depth and color of the music itself. For those interested in experiencing the grand piano feel in an upright package, the YUS5 is a choice par excellence, available at Cunningham Piano. Join us in celebrating the art of music with this exquisite instrument.