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Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School is an independent college prep. school for students of all faiths who cannot otherwise afford a private education.  Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School nurtures and challenges young women and men to recognize and realize their full potential as they grow to love God, respect others and serve their community.

Cristo Rey’s mission is one that we feel strongly about supporting. Recently a representative from the school came into Cunningham to investigate purchasing a piano for the school. Unfortunately, the budget they had available could not purchase the quality they desired, and frankly, needed.

Our response was to offer them the right piano – and donate the balance to the school. When we met their musicians and saw the spirit at this school, we are so happy we did.

From left to right: Rich Galassini, of Cunningham Piano Company, John McConnell, President of Cristo Rey High School, Priscilla Connolly, a supporter watch as the new studio piano arrives.

Four seniors who also happen to be fine pianists tried out the piano as soon as it arrived. They all gave it a great review and can’t wait to play it again and again.

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