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Watch our videos to learn about the unique features of each organ, how to get the most out of them, and to hear how they sound. A great way to compare different models across our represented manufacturers and find the right organ for you and your house of worship!

A new Ruffatti pipe organ in our region….. we hope.

The organ in any church can offer a touch of divinity, be central to worship, and can have a beauty that is rarely matched. But replacing a failing pipe organ during a pandemic can be particularly frustrating. Just ask the people of St. Katharine of Siena Roman...

A closer look at the Johannus LiVE 3T-A

The Johannus LiVE 3T-A is a high quality digital organ that offers a performance experience that is unmatched in authenticity. It allows the player to experience dozens of international pipe organs from around the world. All of these organs have been specifically...

Announcing the Rodgers Inspire, Classic Edition

With unprecedented demand for fine home instruments, Rodgers has responded with the all new Inspire Classic Edition. This new model, with new samples, new design, at reasonable pricing, is a natural choice to enjoy world class touch, tone, and performance in the...

A Gift from Rodgers Organs

The Global Organ Group, and particularly Rodgers Organs, have always enjoyed the benefit of an active R&D department that is constantly looking to offer better and more flexible performance possibilities to musicians. This is quite likely why the Global Organ...

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Independence Day Weekend Concert

Dan Miller is internationally renowned as an organist with an extensive concert schedule. He has also taught music, conducted choral groups and orchestras, led and facilitated worship in many different settings, and managed large concert productions and music...

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From piano tunings to voicing and keyboard regulations, cabinet repairs and full restorations, our team of dedicated artisans and craftsmen are world-renowned for their quality and expertise. We can help keep your piano sounding and looking pristine, and make older pianos look and sound brand new.

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We invite you to explore our inventory of pre-owned console, upright, and grand pianos. We also carry the finest digital pianos that combine cutting-edge technology with authentic keyboard actions and incredible sounds. We also represent the world’s finest traditional pipe, hybrid, and digital organs to fit any house of worship or home budget.

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