1902 Steinway Model B 6'10" Grand Piano in Polished Ebony Finish

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A Masterpiece Reborn Immerse yourself in the rich history and sonic excellence of the 1902 Steinway Model B 6'10" Grand Piano. This instrument has been expertly restored to its former glory, now presented in a captivating polished ebony finish. Each component, from the sleek exterior to the intricate internal mechanics, has been meticulously refurbished to meet the high standards of today's discerning musicians.

Unmatched Sound Quality At the heart of this grand piano lies the essence of Steinway's renowned sound. With new pins, strings, action, and pinblock, the piano delivers an unparalleled auditory experience. The precise engineering and craftsmanship ensure that every keystroke translates into pure, resonant tones, making it a perfect choice for both intimate performances and grand concert halls.

Authenticity Guaranteed Proudly displaying serial number 107560, this Steinway Model B stands as a testament to its genuine heritage and quality. Each restoration step has been taken with the utmost care to preserve the authenticity and legacy of the original instrument, providing musicians with a piece of history that sings with modern clarity and precision.

Exclusive Warranty and Delivery Offer Understanding the importance of peace of mind for our customers, we are pleased to offer a 5-year manufacturer warranty with this exquisite piano. This ensures that your investment is protected, allowing you to focus solely on the joy of playing. Moreover, residents of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware will benefit from our complimentary first-floor delivery service, making the acquisition of this timeless piece as seamless as its melodies.

A Testament to Musical Excellence Choosing the 1902 Steinway Model B Grand Piano means embracing a legacy of musical excellence. Whether you're performing for an audience of hundreds or enjoying a private recital at home, this instrument will elevate every musical journey. Join the ranks of the world's most celebrated artists and let this Steinway transform your musical expression.

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