1917 Steinway Model O 5'10" Grand Piano in Polished Ebony Finish

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A Legacy Reborn in 2023 Dive into the world of classical music with the 1917 Steinway Model O 5'10" Grand Piano, a treasure that combines timeless elegance with the pinnacle of sound perfection. Fully restored in 2023, this magnificent instrument, with its polished ebony finish, stands as a symbol of Steinway's commitment to excellence. The restoration process has breathed new life into this grand piano, ensuring it meets the high standards expected by today's musicians and collectors alike.

Superior Craftsmanship and Sound Crafted to Steinway's exacting specifications, this Model O grand piano has been endowed with new pins, strings, and a pinblock, all designed to enhance its tonal quality and performance. These upgrades ensure that every note played is a testament to the piano's rich heritage and Steinway's legacy of quality. Whether played in a concert hall or a cozy living room, this piano's exquisite sound and responsive touch offer an unparalleled musical experience.

Protected by a Generous Warranty We understand the importance of peace of mind when investing in a musical instrument of this caliber. That's why we offer a 5-year manufacturer warranty with the purchase of this 1917 Steinway Model O Grand Piano. This warranty underscores our confidence in the instrument's quality and your satisfaction as a musician or collector.

Exclusive Delivery Offer To further enhance your experience, customers residing in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware will benefit from free first-floor delivery. This exclusive offer ensures that your new piano arrives safely and conveniently at your home, ready to fill your space with beautiful music.

Serial Number 188539: A Unique Piece of History Owning this piano means more than just having a musical instrument; it means having a piece of history. With serial number 188539, this piano carries stories from the past into your home, allowing you to be part of its continuing legacy. Whether you're a professional pianist or a passionate collector, the 1917 Steinway Model O Grand Piano is a must-have masterpiece that promises to enrich your musical journey and add a touch of sophistication to any setting.

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