Bösendorfer 185VC (6'1") Grand Piano in Ebony Polish

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Elevate Your Music with VC Technology

Introducing the Bösendorfer 185VC 6'1" Grand Piano, a masterpiece that merges over a century of esteemed piano manufacturing with the forefront of technological innovation. Adorned in a lustrous ebony polish finish, this grand piano is a testament to the fusion of time-honored tradition and modern capabilities. Experience the profound volume of sound, radiant colors, and extraordinary tone projection, all housed within its elegantly compact dimensions. This instrument effortlessly navigates through the most complex musical pieces, offering an unmatched, multifaceted, and expressive sound palette that inspires creativity and passion.

A Symphony of Sound in Every Note

The Bösendorfer 185VC stands as a beacon of artistic expression, designed to captivate and inspire musicians, educators, and enthusiasts alike. Whether enriching your teaching studio, captivating audiences on a small stage, or enhancing the musical ambiance of your home, this grand piano brings the vibrant and dynamic essence of the Bösendorfer sound into any setting. Its unparalleled sound quality invites you to close your eyes and immerse yourself in a world where each note tells a story, rich with color and emotion.

Exclusive Cunningham Piano Offerings

  • 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty: We believe in the enduring quality of our pianos. The Bösendorfer 185VC comes with a decade-long warranty, assuring your peace of mind and our commitment to your satisfaction.
  • Complimentary First Floor Delivery: For our esteemed customers in PA, NJ, and DE, Cunningham Piano is delighted to provide free first-floor delivery, ensuring that your transition to owning this exquisite instrument is as smooth and enjoyable as its sound.

Embrace the legacy and future of piano excellence with the Bösendorfer 185VC 6'1" Grand Piano. Its captivating presence and sonic brilliance make it a prized addition to any musical repertoire, inviting you to explore new horizons of musical expression and excellence. Experience the difference with Cunningham Piano and let the Bösendorfer 185VC transform your musical journey.

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