Yamaha CVP-809GP Clavinova Ensemble Digital Grand Piano

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Color: Ebony Polish
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Unleash your musical creativity with Yamaha's finest digital piano ever, the Clavinova CVP-809GP Grand Piano. Featuring a stylish grand piano cabinet that can fit anywhere, taking up less space than an acoustic grand piano. Beginner players can sound like a whole band with just one finger, and experienced pianists can explore limitless possibilities with audio production tools ranging from 16-track recording to vocal harmonizers and chord loopers. As a piano, the CVP-809GP features 88 counterweighted keys - wood for the white keys, and synthetic ebony and ivory key tops, with Yamaha's advanced GrandTouch action enabling you to play with every level of nuance and expression. The 9 inch touchscreen LCD display makes it incredibly easy to access every one of the 1,605 instrument voices, 58 drum and sound effect kits, and 675 accompaniment styles running the Genos Sound Engine, and can be used to display sheet music as well. "Follow-the-lights" help you learn your favorite songs, and the microphone input lets you sing with a wide range of vocal effects. In short, the CVP-809GP is a piano that is fun to play and inspiring to create with at any playing level.

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