Cunningham 9' Concert Grand Piano

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The Matchless Cunningham 9' Concert Grand Piano: A Legacy of Excellence

A Culmination of Over 120 Years of Mastery

Introducing the Matchless Cunningham 9' Concert Grand Piano, a testament to over a century of passion, craftsmanship, and musical innovation at Cunningham Piano. Founded in 1891, our legacy is built on extensive experience with some of the world's most esteemed piano manufacturers. This unparalleled knowledge has culminated in the creation of a concert grand piano that stands in a class of its own.

Crafted from the Finest Materials

The Matchless Cunningham 9' Concert Grand boasts an all-maple rim, a hallmark of the renowned Steinway pianos, ensuring robustness and resonance. Its heart, a white spruce soundboard, mirrors the quality found in the illustrious Bösendorfer and Yamaha CFX Concert Grands, providing clarity, warmth, and expansive dynamic range. Furthermore, this piano is equipped with Steinway D hammers, beloved for their precision and responsiveness, enhancing its expressive capabilities.

Unparalleled Sound and Performance

Every aspect of the Matchless Cunningham 9' Concert Grand has been meticulously voiced, regulated, and optimized to meet the highest standards of professional performance. Whether it's the depth of tone, richness of color, or the subtlety of delicacy, this piano delivers an unmatched playing experience. It offers all the power and nuance required by the world's leading pianists, embodying the essence of a true concert grand.

Exclusive Benefits for Our Valued Customers

  • 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty: We stand by the excellence of our Matchless Cunningham 9' Concert Grand Piano with a comprehensive decade-long warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Complimentary First Floor Delivery: For our esteemed customers in PA, NJ, and DE, we are pleased to offer free first-floor delivery, making the arrival of this magnificent instrument as convenient as its performance is breathtaking.

The Matchless Cunningham 9' Concert Grand Piano is not just an instrument; it's a masterpiece that encapsulates the soul of over 120 years of piano excellence. Designed for those who demand the very best, it promises to elevate any performance, from concert halls to private studios. Experience the pinnacle of piano craftsmanship and let the Matchless Cunningham 9' Concert Grand transform your musical expression into something truly extraordinary.

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