Hallet Davis HS148 (4'8") Baby Grand Piano in Ebony Polish

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Performance, Beauty, and Value - Hallet Davis believes that all children who learned to play the piano – due to either the insistence of parents or to their own initiative – are very happy as adults that they learned to play the piano as a child. Here’s are a couple interesting statistics about piano! If you surveyed 100 adults and asked them if they play the piano – probably under 10% would respond “yes”. If you, however, asked the 90% who said “no” if they would like to be able to play the piano today – almost every single person would say “yes”. Hallet, Davis pianos are top tier pianos in all ways – from the German engineering designs and highest quality hammers – to the precise, consistent touch of the finely tuned action. The soundboard, the piano’s “speaker”, is made of costly solid spruce – the same material used in the finest acoustic instruments in the world – from concert grand pianos to fine violins and classical guitars. Beautiful and satisfying tone, proper touch and response, and reliable and consistent performance are the qualities demanded by professional musicians. These same qualities are yours with a Hallet, Davis piano.

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