Petrof 131 Full Studio Upright Piano (52")

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The Petrof 131 52" Full Studio Upright Piano: A Masterpiece of Concert Quality

Rigorous Design Meets Expressive Freedom

The Petrof 131 M1 stands at the pinnacle of upright concert pianos, boasting a robust and colorful tone that transcends the boundaries of musical expression. Crafted for the artist who demands an instrument capable of keeping pace with their creativity, the P 131 M1 offers abundant space for musical self-fulfillment. Its contemporary, streamlined cabinet design not only complements music schools and spacious interiors but also encapsulates the essence of modern elegance.

Specifications That Sing

  • Dimensions: Height of 1310mm, Width of 1455mm, and a Depth of 600mm ensure a commanding presence.
  • Weight: At 253kg, its sturdy build enhances sound resonance.
  • Soundboard: Made from resonance spruce wood, featuring a wedgewise tapered construction for optimal sound distribution.
  • Ribs: 10 spherical ribs support the soundboard, allowing for uniform vibration.
  • Cast Iron Plate: Wet sand casting technique used, with a light gold metallic paint and diamond effect for aesthetic brilliance.
  • Pin Block: Crafted from high-density Multiplex beech plywood.
  • Cabinet: A combination of MDF, plywood, and solid wood, showcasing the piano’s refined simplicity.
  • Bridges and Pins: Beech wood bridges and steel-round tip bridge pins ensure durability and sound clarity.
  • Strings: High-quality steel wire from Röslau, Germany, with copper winding from Degen, Germany, for a rich and dynamic sound palette.
  • Pedals: Three pedals - Piano pedal, Muffler (moderator) pedal, and Forte pedal - provide expressive control.
  • Special Features: Includes castors for easy movement, red felts for aesthetic appeal, and a hydraulic slow close fallboard mechanism for added safety.

Exclusive Cunningham Piano Benefits

  • 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty: Our confidence in the quality and durability of the Petrof 131 is backed by a decade-long warranty.
  • Complimentary First Floor Delivery: For our cherished customers in PA, NJ, and DE, enjoy the convenience of free first-floor delivery, ensuring your new Petrof 131 arrives seamlessly into your musical life.

The Petrof 131 52" Full Studio Upright Piano merges concert-grade performance with sleek, contemporary design. Ideal for musicians who seek an instrument with no limits on their artistry, this piano promises generous space for musical exploration and self-expression. Embrace the Petrof 131 M1, where rigorous design meets the open heart of creativity, exclusively at Cunningham Piano.

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