Petrof 125 (50") Studio Upright Piano

Color: Ebony Polish
Sale price$33,498.00


The Petrof 125 50" Studio Upright Piano: Elegance Meets Acoustic Excellence

A Symphony of Craftsmanship and Sound

Introducing the Petrof 125 50" Studio Upright Piano, a testament to the tradition and innovation that have long defined Petrof's esteemed place in the world of music. With dimensions thoughtfully designed to fit studios, halls, and intimate spaces alike, this piano not only promises to be a visually stunning addition to any setting but also offers an acoustic experience that is both rich and dynamic.

Specifications That Resonate

  • Depth: 588 mm
  • Width: 1462 mm
  • Height: 1250 mm
  • Weight: 242 kg

Crafted with a resonance spruce wood soundboard and a carefully constructed wedgewise tapered soundboard, the Petrof 125 enhances sound projection and tonal clarity. The piano features a multiplex beech plywood pin block for tuning stability and spherical ribs for enhanced resonance. With steel wire strings from Röslau, Germany, and copper winding from Degen, Germany, it delivers an exceptionally pure and rich sound. Its mechanics include a hydraulic slow close fallboard and three pedals (Piano, Muffler (moderator), and Forte), ensuring both safety and versatility in performance.

The Heart of Musical Expression

Petrof's Studio Upright Pianos are celebrated for their optimal height and outstanding acoustic capacity, offering a wide dynamic range and an unusually rich sound that has endeared them to customers worldwide. Whether for ballet accompaniment, musicals, classical dance, or simply the joy of playing, the Petrof 125 stands ready to elevate your musical journey with its elegance and sonic beauty.

Available Finishes for Every Taste

  • Ebony Polish
  • Mahogany Polish
  • Walnut Polish

Choose the finish that best matches your space and personal style, and let the Petrof 125 be a source of endless musical inspiration.

Exclusive Cunningham Piano Offerings

  • 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive decade-long warranty, a testament to the enduring quality and performance of your Petrof 125.
  • Complimentary First Floor Delivery: For our valued customers in PA, NJ, and DE, Cunningham Piano is pleased to offer free first-floor delivery, ensuring a seamless transition as this exquisite instrument becomes part of your musical life.

Embrace the harmony of form and function with the Petrof 125 Studio Upright Piano, where every detail contributes to a playing experience that is as enriching as it is enchanting. Discover your Petrof at Cunningham Piano and let its timeless sound inspire your every note.

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