Yamaha B2SC2 45" Silent Upright Piano

Color: Polished Ebony
Sale price$11,499.00


In addition to its larger dimensions and heavier construction, b2SC2 features a solid spruce soundboard to deliver a superior sound with added depth and volume. The b2SC2 features a remarkable silent function that lets you play the piano silently with headphones. The b1SC2 combines the best of acoustic and silent digital pianos in one instrument. For the ambitious performer on a budget, there is no better instrument.


Soundboard: Solid Spruce
Soundboard Ribs: Spruce
Back Posts: 4
Bridge Construction: Two-piece separated
Wood seasoned for destination: Yes
Frame: V-Pro Vacuum Shield Mold Process
Key Material: Seasoned Spruce
White Key surfaces: Acrypet
Black Key surfaces: Phenolic Resin
Pedal: Soft/Mute/Damper
Caster: Single
Weight: 428 lbs (194 kg)
Finishes: Polished Ebony, Polished American Walnut
Dimensions: Width 59″ | Height 44.5″ | Depth 21″

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