Yamaha C3X 6'1" Grand Piano In Polished Ebony

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Introducing the Yamaha C3X 6'1" grand piano, showcased in a stunning Polished Ebony finish, and a celebrated favorite among the Cunningham Piano staff for its ability to deliver a sound that truly sings. The C3X stands as a testament to Yamaha's ambition to craft the world's most beloved grand piano, marrying nearly half a century of Yamaha's revered C Series grand pianos' legacy with the innovation and excellence embodied in the CFX 9' grand piano. Drawing from a rich history of knowledge, technique, and experience, the CX Series elevates this tradition with instruments that offer crystal-clear sound, featuring clean attacks, sparkling tones, and transparent harmonies, all within an elegantly flowing silhouette.

This grand piano not only embodies a refined tone and bold design but also represents Yamaha's commitment to innovation, honoring its musical heritage. As part of the CX Series, the C3X is designed to transform any space into a concert hall, in celebration of Yamaha's 125th anniversary of progress and musical excellence.

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Special Offers:

  • 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty: Rest assured with a decade of protection, ensuring your piano's lasting beauty and performance.
  • Complimentary First Floor Delivery: Exclusive to our cherished customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, we offer the convenience of free first-floor delivery.


  • Soundboard: Crafted from premium Spruce to deliver unmatched resonance and tonal quality.
  • Soundboard Ribs: Also made of Spruce, enhancing the structural integrity and tonal consistency of the soundboard.
  • Back Posts: 4 – Made from Spruce, providing exceptional support and stability.
  • Bridge Construction: Two-piece separated design for superior sound transfer and clarity.
  • Frame: Constructed using the V-Pro Vacuum Shield Mold Process for unparalleled strength and stability.
  • Tone Collector: Yes, ensuring optimal sound projection and clarity.
  • Key Material: Seasoned Spruce, for responsive and durable key action.
  • White Key Surfaces: Ivorite, offering a luxurious feel akin to natural ivory.
  • Black Key Surfaces: Wood Composite, for lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Fallboard: Equipped with a soft-close mechanism for protection and ease of use.
  • Finish: Polished Ebony, for a classic and elegant appearance.

The Yamaha C3X 6'1" grand piano is not just an instrument but a beacon of Yamaha's enduring legacy of crafting pianos that enrich lives with music. It stands ready to inspire musicians and audiences alike with its beautiful sound and appearance.

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