Yamaha CSP-295GP Clavinova Grand Piano

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The Ultimate Blend of Luxury and Technology

Flagship Design and Performance

  • Elegant Grand Piano Shape: Experience the luxurious design reminiscent of a classic acoustic grand piano.
  • GrandTouch™ Pedals: Precise control and response, emulating the feel of an acoustic grand piano.

Innovative Features for an Enriching Experience

  • Stream Lights & Smart Pianist App Integration: An intuitive way to learn and play, guided by advanced technology.
  • World-Class Voices and Styles: Diverse sounds and styles at your fingertips, housed in a stunning grand piano body.
  • Powerful Acoustic Projection: Equipped with high-quality speakers and a subwoofer featuring Waveguide technology for a truly immersive sound experience.

Experience Full Control with Smart Pianist

  • Intuitive Control: Use your smart device to control every aspect of the piano.
  • Virtual Performance Spaces: Choose from various acoustic environments like concert halls or cathedrals.
  • App Availability: Downloadable on the App Store and Google Play.

Play Even If You Can’t Read Music

  • Stream Lights: LED lights guide your playing, ensuring synchronization and accuracy.
  • Guide Function: Pauses the song until the correct keys are played, facilitating easier learning.

Explore a Library of Songs and Add Your Own

  • Diverse Song Range: From popular hits to classical tunes and practice exercises.
  • Sheet Music Access: Easily accessible through the Yamaha Smart Pianist app.
  • Personalize Your Collection: Add your favorite songs for a more customized experience.

Instantly Play Your Favorite Tunes with Audio-to-Score

  • Audio-to-Score Feature: Transforms audio files into chord charts and accompaniment patterns.
  • Over 50 Accompaniment Styles: Tailored to match your playing level.

Add Variety to Your Performances

  • Expansive Voice Range: A wide selection of instrument voices for expressive performances.
  • Style Content: Lively accompaniments for various genres, offering a full band experience.

Exceptional Playing Experience

  • Century-Old Craftsmanship Meets Digital Innovation: A perfect blend of tradition and technology for a superior playing experience.
  • GrandTouch™/GrandTouch-S™ Keyboards: Unmatched dynamic range and expressive control.
  • Grand Expression Modeling: Experience tonal variations sensitive to your touch, mirroring a grand piano's response.

Sound Quality

  • Virtual Resonance Modeling: Real-time resonance reproductions for an authentic grand piano sound.
  • Latest Acoustic Design Technology: Enjoy a lifelike concert grand piano tone and feel.

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