Yamaha GB1K 5' Baby Grand Piano In Polished Ebony Finish

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Discover the elegance and musical prowess of the Yamaha GB1K 5' Baby Grand Piano, the epitome of Yamaha's century-long legacy of piano craftsmanship. This model, renowned for its compact design without compromising on sound quality, is the ideal choice for those seeking the grandeur of a Yamaha grand piano but are constrained by space. With its full resonant tone, the GB1K offers a sound experience that rivals many larger models, making it a beloved choice for both intimate spaces and discerning musicians.

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Yamaha grand pianos, including the GB1K, are celebrated not only for their stunning beauty and expansive musical range but also for embodying over 100 years of accumulated piano-making expertise. These instruments stand as a testament to the quality, performance, and value that have become synonymous with the Yamaha name as we embrace the future of grand piano innovation.

The GB1K is meticulously crafted with the utmost care and precision, upholding Yamaha's global reputation for creating instruments of exceptional quality and value. Known for their expressive range and reliable performance, Yamaha grand pianos hold a prestigious place in performing arts venues and music education institutions worldwide. They are consistently recommended by piano tuner/technicians and chosen by pianists of all levels across the globe.

Yamaha's dedication to excellence is supported by an unparalleled range of expertise, advanced production facilities, and a team of highly skilled and passionate craftsmen. Our comprehensive approach to piano manufacturing allows us to produce virtually every component in-house, leading to groundbreaking advancements in piano quality and consistency.

Through ongoing dialogue with professional musicians and leveraging state-of-the-art research facilities, Yamaha continues to refine each new generation of pianos. This commitment ensures that Yamaha pianos remain the preferred choice of discerning pianists and music lovers around the world.

The Yamaha GB1K 5' Baby Grand Piano, available in a variety of elegant finishes including Polished Ebony, Polished American Walnut, Polished Mahogany, French Provincial Cherry, and Georgian Mahogany, offers a timeless addition to any setting. Its dimensions and weight make it perfectly suited for a range of environments, promising the unparalleled joy of playing and owning a Yamaha grand piano.

Special Features:

  • 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty: Enjoy a decade of assured musical enjoyment and peace of mind with our extensive warranty.
  • Complimentary First Floor Delivery: Exclusive to our customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, we offer free first-floor delivery, ensuring a seamless introduction of this exquisite instrument into your home.


  • Key Surfaces: White keys made of acrylic resin and black keys of phenolic resin for a premium touch.
  • Music Desk Positions: 5 adjustable positions for optimal sheet music placement.
  • Lid Prop Positions: 2 settings for varied auditory experiences.
  • Lid Edge: Square, adding to the piano's sleek design.
  • Center Pedal: Bass sustain for enriched sound.
  • Cabinet Finishes: Choose from Polished Ebony, Polished American Walnut, Polished Mahogany, French Provincial Cherry, and Georgian Mahogany to match your decor.
  • Dimensions: Length: 5' 0" (151 cm), Width: 57" (146 cm), Height: 39" (99 cm), Weight: 574 lbs. (261 kg), making it a perfect fit for intimate spaces without compromising on grandeur.

The Yamaha GB1K 5' Baby Grand Piano not only serves as an instrument of exceptional musical expression but also as a statement piece of unmatched beauty, continuing Yamaha's tradition of creating pianos of unparalleled excellence.

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