Yamaha GC1 5'3" Grand Piano In Ebony Polish Finish

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Introducing the Yamaha GC1 5'3" Grand Piano, a testament to Yamaha's over a century of distinguished grand piano manufacturing. This model is part of the beautiful GC Series, which merges the duplex scaling and rich tonal character of the esteemed C Series grand with material and production efficiencies, delivering an instrument that is both exceptionally expressive and surprisingly affordable. Ideal for those seeking the grandeur of a Yamaha grand piano within a more compact footprint and budget-friendly price point, the GC1 is a perfect fit for smaller spaces without compromising on the expansive range and powerful tonality Yamaha pianos are celebrated for.

Yamaha grand pianos are revered worldwide for their eloquent expressive range and enduring performance, playing a pivotal role in music education and the performing arts. The GC1 continues this legacy, crafted with the same care, integrity, and comprehensive technological and acoustic advancements that characterize Yamaha's comprehensive line of superior grands.

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Special Offers:

  • 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty: Enjoy unparalleled peace of mind with our extensive 10-year warranty, assuring your investment is protected.
  • Complimentary First Floor Delivery: Exclusively for our valued customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, we offer free first-floor delivery, ensuring your new Yamaha GC1 is installed seamlessly and conveniently.


  • Key Surfaces: White keys made of acrylic resin and black keys of phenolic resin, ensuring durability and a smooth playing experience.
  • Duplex Scaling: Yes, for enhanced harmonic richness.
  • Tone Collector: Yes, optimizing the piano's tonal quality and projection.
  • Music Desk Positions: 5, for adjustable sheet music placement.
  • Lid Prop Positions: 2, with a safety stop to prevent accidental closure.
  • Lid Edge: Square, adding a sleek, modern edge to the piano's aesthetic.
  • Center Pedal: Sostenuto, allowing for nuanced pedal effects.
  • Cabinet Finishes: Available in a variety of finishes including Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony, Polished Ivory, Polished White, Polished Mahogany, American Walnut, and Polished American Walnut, to perfectly match your decor.
  • Soft-Close Fallboard: Yes, for added safety and convenience.
  • Dimensions: Length 5' 3" (161 cm), Width 59" (149 cm), Height 40" (101 cm), Weight 627 lbs. (285 kg), making it an ideal choice for those seeking a grand piano with a smaller footprint.

The Yamaha GC1 5'3" Grand Piano is not just an instrument but a legacy of Yamaha's unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative technology, and passionate commitment to music making. It represents an affordable entry into the esteemed world of Yamaha grand pianos, providing musicians of all levels with an instrument that inspires excellence. Whether for a conservatory, a recital hall, or a cozy living room, the GC1 brings the world-renowned Yamaha grand piano experience into your home.

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