Yamaha S3X 6'1" Grand Piano

Sale price$81,899.00


Yamaha's S3X 6'1" is an expertly crafted, high quality piano with a distinct, warm tone. The patented Acoustic Resonance Enhancement process ensures every inch of its unique wood and rim are aged to perfection to create an elegant and romantic sound.  Yamaha's craftsmenship has a new zenith in this remarkable new series of the premium pianos.

Built by Yamaha in Kakegawa, Japan
Soundboard: European Spruce
Soundboard Ribs: Spruce
Back Posts: 3 - Spruce
Bridge Construction: Two-piece separated
Frame: V-Pro Vacuum Shield Mold Process
Tone Collector: Yes
Key Material: Seasoned spruce
White Key surfaces: Ivorite™
Black Key surfaces: Wood composite
Fallboard: Soft-close
Lid lock: Yes
Pedal: Shift/Sostenuto/Damper
Caster: Heavy duty double-wheeled solid brass casters with locks
Weight: 728 lbs (330 kg)

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