Yamaha YUS1 48" Professional Upright Piano

Color: Satin American Walnut
Sale price$20,499.00


Discover the elegance and acoustic perfection of the Yamaha YUS1 48" Upright Piano at Cunningham Piano, a testament to Yamaha's commitment to musical excellence. The YUS Series represents the pinnacle of piano craftsmanship, offering a rich sound and delicate balance that resonates with both the experienced pianist and professional musician. The YUS1 stands out with its superior acoustics, brought to life through its meticulously designed hammers and a cabinet that amplifies even the most subtle note.

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Exceptional Features of the Yamaha YUS1 Upright Piano:

  • Rich, Resonant Sound: The YUS1 features a solid spruce soundboard and ribs, full-length ribs into a notched liner, and solid copper wound bass strings, all contributing to its inspiringly rich sound.

  • Enhanced Durability and Performance: With hard maple bridges, aluminum alloy action rails, and the Yamaha balanced action, this piano is built to deliver unparalleled performance with lasting durability.

  • Exquisite Design: The simplicity of its cabinet not only enhances its acoustic properties but also rounds out a design that complements the aesthetic of any room. The beveled music rack adds a touch of elegance, allowing for a seamless blend of form and function.

  • Superior Touch and Control: Featuring grand piano key travel and spruce keys with hardwood buttons, the YUS1 provides an exceptional tactile experience, ensuring every performance is expressive and dynamic.

  • Innovative Construction: Utilizing the Vacuum Shield Mold Process (V-Pro) for the plate and incorporating Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners, this piano sets new standards in piano construction and sound projection.


  • Soundboard Material: Spruce, providing the best tone and sustain.
  • Bridge and Pinblock Material: Hard Maple for enhanced sound transmission and tuning stability.
  • Tuning Pins: Cut thread for precise tuning.
  • Keyboard: 88 keys with white keys made of Acrylic Resin and black keys of Phenolic Resin.
  • Pedals: Soft Pedal, Mute Pedal, Damper Pedal for nuanced expression.
  • Finish: YUS1 PE 48" in Polished Ebony, a classic look that fits any decor.
  • Dimensions: Width: 60", Height: 48", Length: 24", Weight: 502 lbs.

Exclusive Cunningham Piano Benefits:

  • 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty: Peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty backed by Yamaha's commitment to quality.
  • Free First Floor Delivery: For customers in PA, NJ, and DE, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup in your chosen space.

The Yamaha YUS1 48" Upright Piano is seasoned specifically for the U.S. market to ensure the tuning stability, finish, and musical integrity are optimized for years of enjoyment. Whether you're performing in a professional setting or enjoying the beauty of music at home, the YUS1 offers an unmatched musical experience. Discover the perfect blend of Yamaha's legendary performance and innovative design at Cunningham Piano.

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