Disklavier is the modern day version of the “player piano.” Disklavier pianos are true acoustic pianos that incorporate fiber optic sensing systems, high performance solenoids, and state-of-the-art computer technology. These pianos can very accurately record piano performances and play back with all of the expression and nuance of the original performance.

Some of the features and possibilities with Disklavier:

Couple Standing Nearby Yamaha Disklavier Piano
Virtual piano Lessons from Famous Musicians

Distance Learning

Take virtual piano lessons from some of the world’s most famous musicians

Record and Playback

Be inspired by your beautiful acoustic piano and create your own performances. Then, with the click of a button, play them back, edit them, and perfect them.

Yamaha Disklavier - Record and Playback Easily
yamaha enspire app

Intuitive  Connectivity

Easily connect to computers, tablets, and other MIDI devices

Disklavier Radio 

Choose from dozens of live streaming music sent to your piano through WIFI connections 24/7.

Disklavier Radio - Real Acoustic Piano Outfitted with Electronic Sensors

Live Stream Events

Hear YOUR piano being virtually played by a famous performer at a live event while it is happening. Explore a vast archive of performances

Featured Disklaviers

Live Looping with the Yamaha Enspire Disklavier

In this video, we demonstrate live looping techniques with the Yamaha Enspire Disklavier.

Recording and Reproducing Capabilities of the Yamaha Enspire

The Yamaha Enspire is the world’s finest reproducing and recording piano. Every nuance of a pianist’s touch, tone, and pedaling is captured in perfect detail.

A Look At The Yamaha Enspire

This Yamaha Enspire is the world’s best reproducing piano and the closest you’ll get to having the world’s best artists playing right in your home.


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