Piano kimmel
The Yamaha CFX, a concert grand piano that was 19 years in the making, has made quite a splash in our region. This instrument has received critical acclaim internationally and, since becoming available as a concert rental instrument just this past September, has been chosen by many performance groups over everything else available. Sarah Davis Buechner requested the Yamaha CFX at her Temple University recital this past October. She commented, "This piano is simply fabulous. It does everything I ask of it in the most effortless way. It is simply the best concert grand available today." Venues in Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, and Philadelphia have recently used the CFX, including The Kimmel Center, where it made its home for 4 weeks. The Philly Popswas thrilled to use this piano with their Christmas Show from Thanksgiving to just before Christmas. If you desire to audition this instrument and to compare it with anything else you have experienced, please call us at 215 438-3200. * Our concert instruments can only be auditioned by appointment.