Disklavier Enspire

The Yamaha Enspire is the world’s finest reproducing and recording piano. Every nuance of a pianist’s touch, tone, and pedaling is captured in perfect detail. With the Yamaha Enspire, pianists can expand their capabilities. For example, a pianist can record a rehearsal with another musician, and then, with just a few taps on the free Enspire app for iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones, that musician can replay the pianist’s performance at any time with all the musical and acoustic subtleties as if the pianist were right there in the room with them. Recordings are stored on USB thumb drives which can be taken anywhere. Keep in mind that while other player pianos are acoustic pianos first with the player systems added in as a separate component, the Yamaha Enspire is a fully integrated reproducing instrument, designed from the ground up to be a world-class acoustic piano perfectly integrating Yamaha’s Disklavier system, with no compromises to the piano’s structural integrity, action, or sound.