Furnished piano
Cunningham Piano focuses not only on refinishing, but on cabinet restoration, antique preservation, and overall beauty. Having always gravitated toward artistic fields that require hands-on skills, Refinishing Department Manager Lee Bauer joined Cunningham years ago in order to immerse himself in cabinetry preservation. His desire is that the work his team of refinishers performs creates a stunning centerpiece for our client’s home for decades to come. The process cannot be rushed if we want to capture the natural beauty of a fine cabinet. The piano’s cabinet is disassembled into some 20 individual pieces, and each is stripped of finish to create as clean a surface as possible for the new finish. Each part is meticulously examined with an eye to its qualities as a work of art, rather than as just a piece of furniture, and for loose veneer and damage that may have resulted from years of use. Replicas of worn-out carvings are made, and new veneers are applied where needed. A moisture-resistant polyester sealer is used as a primer to give the instrument a clean, smooth surface that will not change with time. A UV-blocking protective finish is custom-mixed to restore the instrument’s original color or to meet a customer’s request. Previous Next