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An incredibly special part of being a musician is the community aspect–some of the most important people in the lives of many of the staff, faculty, and Cunningham Piano Community at large were brought together by music. The special thing about a community is how they will rally around community members in need. An incredibly special part of the Cunningham Music School community in particular is that we’ve seen them rally around ANYONE in need. Since we’ve opened in 2017, students at the school have written letters of love to students at elementary, middle, and high schools that have suffered shootings and violent acts, and to soldiers in active duty during the holiday season. Students have donated warm winter wear to the homeless, toiletries to homeless shelters and women’s shelters, and canned food to the hungry. The students of the Cunningham Music School have put together performances for retirement homes and for clients in memory care units to provide a fun afternoon of entertainment. They are incredible supportive of their fellow musicians at recitals, always offering comfort to anyone who’s nervous and always showing such pride at their peer’s performances. We don’t say how proud we are often enough. Our students work incredibly hard at every lesson and every time they practice to become the best musicians they can be. That blows the faculty and staff away–we are SO proud of your musical accomplishments. We are even more proud of your kindness, your generosity, and the musical community you’ve created for us to work at and be a part of here in King of Prussia. We can’t wait to extend the family out to Cherry Hill in the New Year. Have a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year! Thank you for making our work so special. We’ll see you in 2020.
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