The 2024 Dorothy Taubman Seminar at Temple University

Introduction to Dorothy Taubman and Her Influential Technique

Dorothy Taubman

Dorothy Taubman was a monumental figure in piano pedagogy, dedicating over fifty years to studying and researching effective techniques for playing the piano. Described by The New York Times as the "doyenne of the master class," Taubman's insights have significantly shaped the way pianists approach the keyboard. She founded the Dorothy Taubman Institute on Piano at Amherst College, which she directed from 1972 until 2002. Her pioneering work culminated in the development of the Taubman Approach, a methodology that has helped countless pianists overcome technical challenges and prevent the physical strain often associated with intense piano playing.

The 2024 Taubman Seminar at Temple University

This year, the legacy of Dorothy Taubman is celebrated and continued at The Taubman Seminar, scheduled for May 18th and 19th on the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia. For the first time, participants have the flexibility to attend either in person or online, making it more accessible to a global audience of pianists, educators, and students eager to learn from Taubman's teachings.

What is the Taubman Approach?

The Taubman Approach to piano playing focuses on biomechanics and ergonomics at the keyboard. It is designed to enable pianists to play more effortlessly and reduce the risk of injury. This technique is particularly beneficial for those experiencing limitations due to pain or who wish to refine their skills to avoid potential issues in the future. The method emphasizes natural movements, proper alignment, and a deep understanding of musical phrasing.

Faculty and Performers

This year's seminar features an impressive lineup of faculty members and performers who are not only experts in the Taubman Approach but also renowned musicians in their own right:

  • Dr. Charles Abramovic – Noted for his versatility and breadth in musical styles.
  • Dr. Angelin Chang – Grammy award-winning pianist and professor known for her expressive musicality.
  • Maria Del Pico Taylor – A celebrated pianist and dedicated pedagogue.
  • Fr. Paul Maillet – An acclaimed pianist and instructor, noted for his insightful interpretations.
  • Dr. Silvanio Reis – A specialist in piano technique and Brazilian music.
  • Maria Hubler – Known for her technical proficiency and teaching expertise.

These artists will not only perform but also conduct master classes and workshops, demonstrating the practical applications of the Taubman Approach.

Seminar Schedule and Activities

The two-day event will be packed with activities designed to immerse participants in both the theory and practice of the Taubman Approach. Attendees can look forward to a variety of sessions, including:

  • Master Classes where students receive one-on-one coaching from the esteemed faculty.
  • Lectures and Workshops focusing on the intricacies of the Taubman Approach.
  • Recitals performed by the faculty, showcasing the expressive capabilities enabled by this technique.

Details on the schedule can be found on the official Seminar Schedule page .

Registration Information

Those interested in attending The 2024 Taubman Seminar can register online. Various registration options are available, catering to different needs and preferences. Early registration is recommended as spaces are limited, especially for the in-person sessions. More information on registration fees and procedures is available on the Registration page .

Conclusion: A Continuing Legacy

The Taubman Seminar offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into a specialized method that has transformed the piano playing of many. It honors Dorothy Taubman's lifelong commitment to improving the well-being and performance of pianists worldwide. Whether you are a seasoned performer, a music educator, or a student beginning your journey, the Taubman Seminar promises valuable insights and techniques that can elevate your musical artistry.

To learn more and to join this prestigious event, please visit The Taubman Seminar 2024 official website .