Mason Hamlin concert grand piano
We are so excited to help so many concert venues, institutions, and schools enjoy beautiful pianos. Although many purchase wonderful instruments from us, we have become a destination for colleges and schools of music who see the benefit in preserving beautiful concert grand pianos by having our experts completely rebuild them to be enjoyed by another generation of young professional musicians. ​We recently redelivered a Mason & Hamlin concert grand piano to Westminster Choir College of Princeton. We are looking forward to hearing how much the piano is loved and played there... for many years. If the instrument has been well cared for, skilled restoration can offer an instrument that can certainly compete, or in some cases completely overshadow, the same model and brand of piano if purchased new, but at a fraction of the cost. This makes restoration a very good financial choice. Additionally, the materials, design, and execution in older instruments are in many cases superior. What a shame to choose not to preserve these pieces of art. Finally, in a world that often chooses to throw away and build in obsolescence, we feel that piano restoration is a good environmental decision as well. Feel free to learn more by scheduling a visit to our restoration facility. Learn what makes Cunningham Piano the natural choice for an investment like this. To learn more right now, CLICK HERE.