Yamaha's #1 USA Piano Dealer in Cherry Hill, NJ

Cunningham Piano with just won Yamaha’s USA dealer of the year. That means the number one Yamaha piano dealer in all of the United States of America is located right here in your backyard! Let’s take a look at our Cherry Hill showroom to see what kind of pianos you can find when you visit the nation’s leading dealership.

Right by the showroom entrance, you’ll come face to face with this incredible Yamaha GC1, a 5’3” grand piano, and one of their most popular grand piano models.

Right next to that we have on display one of our own Cunningham grand pianos. On the music rack, you can see a copy of an old receipt from 1936 for a grand piano. Cunningham Piano has been around since 1891, so we thought it would be fun to share a little bit of our history with these kinds of momentos sprinkled throughout the store.

What’s really interesting is that we have a mix of the old and the new designs of traditional acoustic pianos, as well as pianos that take advantage of some of the latest technologies. For example, we have a mix of some new silent pianos and hybrid pianos. What is a silent piano? A silent piano is a fully acoustic piano with real hammers and strings that you can actually plug headphones into. The piano can be played silently, with the sound of a concert grand only heard through the headphones. This is perfect for apartments, homes, or even practicing late at night where you don’t want to disturb anyone.

We also have hybrid pianos. Hybrid pianos have the mechanical keys and action of acoustic pianos, but their sound is entirely digital, with no strings to tune. So you get the benefit of the touch and action with the sound of a concert grand coming through these instruments. A wonderful option for people who want a realistic feeling and sounding piano without needing to tune or maintain it. We carry all models of Yamaha’s hybrid piano line, including their flagship AvantGrand N3X Hybrid Grand Piano.

Next, we will explore Clavinovas. Clavinovas are Yamaha’s digital pianos, and we have a wide variety of them from the CVP and the CLP lines. The CVP Clavinovas are wonderful creative workstations where you can learn to play on these instruments, but also create great music on your own, with thousands of instrument sounds and hundreds of accompaniment patterns based off of musical styles from around the world. It’s a true music creation workstation.

Complimenting the latest in digital piano technologies, we also have our traditional acoustic upright pianos. One of the world’s best selling upright pianos for schools and homes is the Yamaha P22. We have brand new acoustic upright pianos, as well as pre-owned reconditioned ones. What’s wonderful about the showroom here in Cherry Hill is that we have a piano for every budget and every need. An incredible variety of both the traditional, as well as the cutting edge.

From the advanced CVP line, we also carry the more basic CLP lines of Clavinovas. Yamaha innovated the entire piano industry by introducing digital pianos 35 years ago. They still continue to innovate with Clavinovas. What makes these Clavinovas so wonderful is that they’re made by the world’s largest piano manufacturer. They know everything about what makes an acoustic piano great. They’re translating that experience into the design of these digital pianos, which have the touch, reaction and the sound that faithfully replicates what you would expect on an acoustic piano. If you’re looking for a digital piano that just functions and sounds like a regular piano, these are a great option.

CLP Clavinovas are available in compact designs that are great space savers. But if you want something that has both a little bit of the latest technology but still looks like a traditional baby grand piano, or something where you want a grand piano but don’t have the space, check out the CLP-695GP grand piano Clavinova. Again, it looks like a grand piano, but there are no strings and no need to tune it ever. This is a wonderful and stylish addition if you’re looking in a small space for a beautiful instrument.

We also carry the Yamaha Disklavier, the world’s finest reproducing piano. Imagine being able to have your favorite artists playing for you on your home television and whatever they play acoustically coming out right through this piano. This is the magic of Disklavier. The Disklavier piano can connect to the Internet to provide streaming musical content like Disklavier TV and Disklavier Radio. This is the perfect instrument for entertaining guests in your home and enjoying holiday parties, or even just relaxing by yourself in the evening.

In addition to Yamaha, we are proud to feature pianos from Bösendorfer, the world’s finest premium piano manufacturers. This is a Bösendorfer 225 7’4” grand piano that we have in store. We have up a combination of brand new and rebuilt Bösendorfers, and they happen to be my personal favorites.

Want to learn how to play the piano, sing, or play another instrument? Then we invite you to sign up for the Cunningham Music School in Cherry Hill. We have two lesson rooms in there. One of these teaching studios features cutting edge technology from Yamaha, a Disklavier that can record, play back, and even provide remote lessons to any other Disklavier piano connected anywhere on the Internet.

The most important part of our success as the number one Yamaha piano dealer in the USA is our people. When you visit Cunningham Piano in Cherry Hill, you will be warmly greeted and assisted by the likes of co-owner Rich Galassini, showroom technician and sales representative Dave Bender, and sales associate Sean Burman.












Last but not least, we also have a recital area. Here we’ve got a beautiful Bösendorfer piano available for teachers and students to perform on, as well as our 1876 Centennial Steinway that was completely rebuilt in our Germantown factory. Piano teachers, please note: our Cherry Hill recital space is available to you completely free of charge. All you need to do is call 856-651-7596 to reserve an available day and time slot.


Cunningham Piano Cherry Hill Recital Area




1876 Centennial Steinway



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