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Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos

Grand pianos for the home, studio, and concert hall

Upright Pianos

Upright Pianos

Space-saving vertical pianos ideal for all playing levels



The world's most advanced reproducing piano from Yamaha

Silent Pianos

Silent Pianos

Acoustic pianos that can be played silently with headphones

Hybrid Pianos

Hybrid Pianos

Acoustic wooden action married with digital piano capabilities



Premium digital pianos crafted by Yamaha

Digital Pianos

Digital Pianos

Affordable models with 88 keys and weighted action


Founded in 1881, Yamaha has been building the world's most sought after pianos since 1900


Only 300 pianos are hand-crafted each year by the world's oldest premiere piano builder since 1828

Cunningham Piano

The Matchless Cunningham has been a Philadelphia icon since 1891, beloved by George Gershwin and discerning pianists everywhere


Affordable digital pianos that are a great option for entry-level pianists of all ages


Estonia pianos are beloved for their singing tone and are crafted in the country that bears their name

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With unparalleled customer service and expertise, it’s no wonder that Cunningham Piano is the most trusted source for finding your perfect piano, whether you are a beginner, seasoned artist, or music lover.

Years In

Cunningham Piano was founded in 1891 and is the Delaware Valley’s favorite Piano and Organ destination


Our sales staff is made up of professional musicians and educators with 14 degrees in music between them


Between our piano artisans and sales representatives, we have over 237 years of combined experience in the piano industry

Yamaha Awards

We are one of the most awarded Yamaha dealers in the industry, including “Dealer of the Year” for the USA

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About Cunningham
Piano Company

Cunningham Piano Company was started in 1891 by Patrick J. Cunningham, an Irish immigrant with a craft and a dream. Through his leadership, commitment to quality, and a keen business sense Cunningham Piano Company quickly became one of Philadelphia’s most respected makers of pianos.

Throughout his tenure as President of the company, Patrick J. Cunningham saw his company expand and thrive, gaining awards for both quality and design.

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