Piano Of The Week: Yamaha N3X AvantGrand Hybrid Piano

In this episode of “Piano of the Week”, we look at the Yamaha N3X AvantGrand Hybrid Grand Piano. This is an updated version of the N3 AvantGrand, and is the flagship model of Yamaha’s hybrid piano series. Hybrid pianos combine the traditional wooden keys, action, and hammers of an acoustic piano with the sampled digital sounds of Yamaha’s premium 9 ft CFX concert grand and Bösendorfer Imperial grand pianos, along with several other instrument sounds.

The only thing missing in this piano that never needs to be tuned are the strings! Combined with the proprietary 12-speaker design, this instrument provides the extraordinary touch, responsiveness, and sound of the world’s finest pianos at a fraction of the price and footprint. In my opinion, this piano is good enough to play delicate French chamber music, and that’s saying something!

Microphone Setup Settings It should be noted that for this video, rather than pull the digital audio directly from the Yamaha N3X’s self-recording capabilities, we used a similar microphone setup as with a standard acoustic piano. What you are hearing is exactly what it sounds like acoustically – quite a remarkable example of the fidelity and clarity of the N3X’s built-in speaker system!

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